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Social Media Manager


 Studio Guru/Manager of SHUTTER HAUS | Owner of Who Needs Memories | Videographer & Photographer


Co-Owner of SHUTTER HAUS and The Creative Academy | Owner of Studio Rise | Videographer


Co-Owner of SHUTTER HAUS and The Creative Academy | Owner of MD Photography | Photographer 


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shutter haus 'ohana

There wouldn't be a SHUTTER HAUS without the friendship formed between two creatives who were struggling to make their mark in the industry - Kris Bamba (film maker) and Megan David (photographer). Kris & Megan met at an event in January of 2022 and although there were several other photographers & videographers there, Megan & Kris just clicked right away. (This sounds like a love story but we promise it's not that at all haha! We're just long lost best friends!) 

From there, they became a "dynamic duo" with Kris on video and Megan on photo as they started to book the same clients! From portrait sessions to wedding days, they were (and still are) the hype media team for people's biggest moments.

In May of 2023, they created The Creative Academy - a workshop aimed to foster community amongst photographers, videographers and vendors, and to share their knowledge with up & coming artists. Shortly after this workshop (very shortly afterwards), their friends at Aloha Paradise Studio told them about an open space next door in the heart of Chinatown. Although owning a physical studio wasn't exactly a life long "dream" of Kris or Megan, they still saw an opportunity to continue their vision of promoting community amongst creatives. 


Though the renovation process of tearing out the old flooring, repainting the 12 ft. walls, and finding all the necessary studio equipment - Megan and Kris' vision & purpose for the studio grew. An idea that they didn't think was in the cards for them soon became a shared passion for community, creation, and collaboration. Hence, the birth of SHUTTER HAUS.

Today, SHUTTER HAUS stands as a testament to the shared dreams of two friends turned co-founders. As a collective, the SHUTTER HAUS team believes in fostering an environment where everyone feels not only welcomed, but embraced. We are not just a studio...we are a home for every creative to flourish.


Our mission is to provide a welcoming space where artists of all backgrounds and expertise levels can come together to explore, collaborate, and elevate their craft. This is not just a studio; it's a shared "HAUS" where every creative soul finds inspiration and belonging.

At SHUTTER HAUS, we believe in the power of community within the creative industry. 


Not only is Megan the co-founder of SHUTTER HAUS, but she is also a wedding and couples photographer born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Fun Fact: Megan originally wanted to be a lawyer as she studied Political Science and Pre-Law in college. After graduating and returning back to the Islands, Megan soon realized that Law wasn't the path for her and she soon discovered her passion for photography. In 2021, she made the leap and became a full-time photographer!

Megan also co-founded The Creative Academy - a workshop dedicated to educating and uplifting the next generation of photographers and film makers in Hawai'i. At SHUTTER HAUS, we like to call Megan the "Queen of Styled Shoots" because once she has a vision for a creative set, she will do anything to make it happen and will always deliver above & beyond! When she's not at a photoshoot, styling a set, or handling business at SHUTTER HAUS/The Creative Academy, you'll find her eating Korean BBQ with her husband, Makana, or at a basketball game with their son, Miah!


Kris is a co-founder of SHUTTER HAUS but we like to call them the HYPE MAN and legendary film maker here! If you ever have the pleasure of being around Kris, you'll soon understand how infectious their energy is and how they truly resemble the heart of SHUTTER HAUS. 

Kris was originally born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawai'i where they still frequently visit friends and family. Kris owns a film making company called STUDIO RISE and is also the co-founder of The Creative Academy alongside Megan (of course). While simultaneously running several businesses, Kris also continues their education in film as a student at the University of Hawai'i. The SHUTTER HAUS ohana is incredibly proud of Kris' commitment to their personal & professional growth and sharing their wealth of knowledge with all of us! When Kris isn't studying, shooting or running multiple businesses, you'll usually find them at an airport traveling to another country to explore other cultures!

There are many ways to describe SHUTTER HAUS but in the wise words of Kris Bamba..."IT'S SUCH A VIBE."

kris bamba

Formally, Devon is the SHUTTER HAUS Manager. But we definitely prefer the title of Studio Guru since Devon is our go-to expert on everything needed for a successful studio photoshoot! From lighting to equipment, he's there to assist our clients in creating the perfect environment that will bring their vision to life.

Devon is originally from Washington DC but his career in the U.S. Air Force brought him to the islands of Hawai'i. He found his passion for photography while he was stationed in Korea but he too didn't know if it could ever become a full-time career for him. Fast forward to today, Devon is now a full-time photographer AND videographer as the owner of his company, "Who Needs Memories" and resides permanently in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Devon has been with SHUTTER HAUS since its conception and it wouldn't the studio it is today without him. If you're stopping by the studio, you'll most likely see Devon at the front desk! 

devon johnson

Coming in hot is Naia Torres! Born and raised in Hawai'i, Naia wears many hats as a model and the newly crowned 2024 International Junior Miss. But, in our opinion, the best hat she wears is her role as the SHUTTER HAUS Social Media Manager! (haha!😉) 

We are so incredibly proud of our "Naia girl." You'll find her either in front of the camera helping to bring a vision to life through her editorial artistry or behind the scenes getting the best content for us to share on our platforms. Naia also gets her hand in the creative process of styled shoots in collaboration with local small businesses that truly resembles our value of community.